Patient Testimonials

Testimonials of Patients with Erectile Dysfunction

Treated with Acoustic SoftWave® Therapy

“I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this new Shockwave treatment after just 3 sessions.  Like, ‘holy shit’.  I’m waking up rock hard every day.”

“My experience so far has been good with the  treatment…   Assessing the 2 treatments I’ve had, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is that for roughly 48 hours after the treatment I seem to experience more sensitivity and I can get erections with more ease.  I would add that I experienced virtually no pain during the administration of the shockwave therapy.  Thanks!“

“As a mid-forties man without significant ED, I was hoping that the treatments would be a good ‘performance enhancer.’  After just two treatments, I’m incredibly pleased to report that my erections are nearly as hard as they were when I was in my 20s!  I have been waking up with ‘morning wood’ daily, like I did years ago.  Even my wife has noticed more firmness and new veins. Incredible!”

“The results of the shockwave treatments greatly exceeded my expectations.  During the treatments I did not experience any pain or discomfort and have not experienced any negative side effects.  More to the point, I feel that the treatments have greatly improved my sexual function… I would not hesitate to recommend shockwave treatment to anyone interested in trying it.”

“I can feel an increase in blood flow in the flaccid state and in turn, I am experiencing better erections. Thank you for everything so far.”

“Unbelievable effort!  [My wife] said I was bigger and harder. I got hard in 5 minutes… Without being distasteful, this is the ultimate test!!   Yes, I will continue with the shockwave treatments on a bi-monthly basis.  … this has been a game changer. You’re really on to something.”

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