Patient Testimonials

Testimonials of Patients with Erectile Dysfunction

Treated with Acoustic SoftWave® Therapy

“The one thing I noticed right away was that I was more interested in sex and that my whole body just felt better.  I felt better about myself.  I felt like I had more control over my vaginal areas and better bladder control.  I had my second treatment about a month ago, and again it was amazing for me to experience feeling more youthful, more like when I was in my twenties.  I’m 45 now, and after four babies I’ve lost a lot of the bladder control, I’m sure a lot of women can relate to that.  So it’s made everything just a lot smoother for me and I feel a lot better.  I feel happy.”


“I’ve been getting treatments with acoustic wave therapy and it’s been working wonderfully.  The therapy has definitely helped my sex drive increase and sensitivity is much better.  After several treatments there’s an absolute positive difference.  I will say the treatment doesn’t hurt at all.  I’ve had other types of vaginal laser treatments that were very painful, and this treatment doesn’t hurt.  It was easy to do.  Ten minutes to do a treatment so it’s very convenient to come in.  You can do it quickly, be done and on your way.  I would definitely recommend the treatment to any lady that’s having trouble with sexual health.”


“True Freedom Therapy has an amazing staff!!  From the initial consultation to actual procedure everyone was helpful and had excellent care.  Personally, the therapy had wonderful effects within 5 days.  So grateful they are in Palm Beach Gardens!!  I highly recommend to all ladies wanting a greater quality of life and fewer trips to the ladies room!!  Thank you to everyone at True Freedom Therapy.”


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