Testimonials of Patients with Sports Injuries

Treated with Acoustic SoftWave® Therapy

“My staff and I feel the SoftWave® Device is an invaluable tool in both identifying and treating orthopedic injuries.  We’ve utilized the device with upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine cases.  Our players experienced sustained reduction in inflammation and pain, while also experiencing near-immediate restoration of range of motion.”

Lonnie Soloff, PT, DPT, ATC

Senior Director, Medical Services, Cleveland Indians Baseball

“We have performed treatments on various orthopedic conditions such as shoulder tendinitis, elbow sprain/strain, lumbar pars defect and hamstring strains.  All of the aforementioned conditions have exhibited a decrease in pain and recovery within the first two treatments.  Decreased recovery time means our professional athletes get back on the field quicker with minimal risk of re-injury.  The softwave therapy system has given us proven results at both the Major and Minor League levels.”

Chuck Baughman, MS, ATC, LAT

Chicago Cubs Baseball Club

“This is one of the great unknown procedures right now.  I feel better, my wrist feels better, my back feels better.  It’s not intrusive.  Get it done and you’ll feel better.”

Lawrence Taylor

NFL Hall of Fame

“I had some issues with my knee and hips.  As a jumper you load up your hips and knees a ton.  After working with this machine for 15-20 minutes I actually feel lighter and a lot more springy.  This is a marvelous machine.  It’s a one-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.”

Marquis Dendy

Indoor Long Jump World Champion, Team USA

“I just received my 1st SoftWave® treatment and it’s not bullcrap.  It’s not like anything I’ve had before.  Everything feels good.  As you go along it gets better and better.  It’s not like ibuprofen.  It’s not like Cryo.  It’s not like sitting for 8 minutes in an ice bath.  It’s a wonderful treatment.  It actually changed my mind about getting cortisone shots.  I definitely recommend this to any athlete, especially any fighters, baseball players, golfers; anybody who has a lot of stress on any joints.”

Brandon “Bulletproof” Blanton

Professional Heavyweight Boxer

“About a month ago at the combine I felt my hamstring pop while running the 40.  Immediately after they started doing treatment on my hamstring and I got softwave therapy.  The good news is you see results fast.  I was able to start running sprints, and now I’m back to my 4.4, 4.3 self so it’s been very beneficial.  The results are fast and it’s been proven to work over time with all sorts of injuries.  It’s the best I’ve had.  To this point I’ve had acupuncture and a lot of other different methods that I didn’t receive results that fast.  With this you receive results immediately.  The softwave therapy has gotten me feeling good.”

Ronald Jones II

Running Back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“ESWT is a non-invasive modality we often use on patients with Achilles Tendonitis or Tendonosis.  Shockwaves use a probe that delivers a sound wave to the achilles to stimulate blood vessels and growth factors to potentiate repairs.”

John G. Kennedy


“I see this as the wave of the future.  They have helped me in the last few years, and I couldn’t speak more highly of them and the ability iof this equipment to work.  It actually works.  It’s not voodoo medical technology.  It works because it heals wounds.  It has healed my wounds numbers of times.  To me it’s the best that there is.”

Max Cleland

United States Senator

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